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Deresi: The Perfect Girlfriend

Deresi: The Perfect Girlfriend

Deresi: The Perfect Girlfriend

I often ask myself why the romance between Shadyia and Deresi works so well when they are so different. Shadyia takes everything seriously. Her perception of the world is very black-or-white; no grey. That’s my friend; that’s my enemy. I kill my enemy and protect my friend. She is quick to anger, slow to change, and is terrible at telling a lie. Deresi glides through life like a penguin sliding on ice. She is playful and mischievous, lies as easy as she breathes, and would rather avoid an enemy than confront them.

Opposites DON’T attract.

‘Opposites attract’ makes a great song with a cartoon cat, but doesn’t stand up to reality. Would the activist rebel really fall in love with the die-hard conservative? Would the adventurous athlete really want to spend all her time with the computer nerd? No. Yes many writers and—especially—Hollywood films insist on perpetuating this myth. Why? Because it demonstrates the awesome power of love, which is something we all want to believe in. Love knows no age or gender or personality or political/social alignment. Don’t we all adore the story of the prince who marries the common village girl and lifts her up to be the future queen? You want to make George RR Martin laugh out loud, ask him to put that “and they lived happily ever after” myth in his books between a member of nobility and a commoner. Medieval monarchs held onto their power by convincing the Great Unwashed that they had a divine right to rule, and that mixing royal blood with common blood would not only be poisonous to both, but against the will of God and would bring doom to the entire world.

Shadyia and Deresi aren’t opposites.

I prefer to think of them as Yin and Yang; they complete one another. Each has something the other not only lacks, but desperately needs in her life. Shadyia needs to learn to let it go. Deresi needs to learn that the world cannot be avoided. In Beneath the Silver Rose, Deresi had a moment of jealousy that was so foreign to her, it nearly shattered her love for Shadyia in those fragile beginning moments:

She slipped her arms around Deresi’s hips and drew her closer. “You asked me a question, and here is my answer. You’ve stayed by my side. When everyone else fled, you were there.”

Deresi tilted her head to the side as if to dismiss Shadyia’s words. “Anyone could do that.”

“Anyone could, but no one did.” She parted her lips and leaned for a kiss, but Deresi avoided her.

“It’s not enough,” Deresi said.

Her words gripped Shadyia’s heart in a blacksmith’s glove. If I don’t say it right, I may drive her away. She had to stay calm. Deresi just craved further assurance. Was she herself any different?

“There’s more,” Shadyia said. “I need you now more than ever. I need one thing in my life that will stay the same. I need someone I go to and feel safe, and I chose you.”

“You chose me? But why?”

Flowery quotes from books stuffed with poetry flooded her thoughts. Love is a single rose growing at the summit of a—Luun’s tits, just kill me now. She briefly closed her eyes. How could she make Deresi understand?

Just tell her the truth.

“Because you’re everything I wish I could be.”

There it is. Shadyia is like a camel carrying too much weight, as she knows it. She adores how Deresi can just unload and walk away from the terrible problems of this life. But that river does not flow just one direction. Deresi needs to learn how to stand her ground when the need arises. Running is not an always an option. We especially see this in Book #3 when she finally confronts Mareli. Would she have ever done that without knowing Shadyia in her life? Probably not.

Great Sex

No examination into the romance between Shadyia and Deresi is complete without talking about their love-making. The sex between them is fantastic! It’s not just volcanic orgasms (although there are plenty if those) it the way their deepest fears and passions are exposed. All the walls are lowered and all cards are on the table. There is no dominate and submissive in their love-making, but there is no absolute equality as well—which would be rather dull. They trade control; in one moment, Deresi takes the reins of their passion and Shadyia must yield to her games and devious nature. In the next moment, Shadyia is calling the shots and Deresi is along for the ride. There’s trust; absolute trust not to use the weaknesses they bare as a weapon to humiliate or manipulate. That trust is the core of their passion.

The Perfect Girlfriend

Deresi is the perfect girlfriend. She is playful, creative and joyful. She is a refinery for Shadyia’s raw passion and the best friend Shadyia could ever hope to have. But more than that, she keeps Shadyia from submitting to darkness and despair. As Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, Whoever fights monsters should [be careful] not become a monster. [If you] gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Shadyia has stared hard into the abyss, and it’s only Deresi’s love that keeps her from falling.

Imagine how tragic it would be, if that ever changed…

Read on!

Sorrow and Rage United



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Deresi: 5 favorite witticisms (not for the overly sensitive.)

Deresi: 5 favorite witticisms (not for the overly sensitive.)

Deresi: 5 favorite witticisms

For this week’s blog, I give you the 5 favorite witticisms of Deresi (not for the overly sensitive.)

Sweet, beautiful, crimson-haired Deresi has a wicked sense of humor. If you are one of her more generous coins (and turn a blind eye when things go missing in your home), or Shadyia in need of a smile, you may have already heard some of these. For the rest of you, here are Deresi’s top 5 favorite jests.

Here we go:

  1. Two men are fishing in a lake when a magician joins them. But instead of getting out a pole, the magician walks across the surface of the water, grabs a fish, and takes it back to his bucket.
    Five times he does this before he picks up the bucket and walks home and one of the fishermen turns to the other and says, “Those magicians think they be so damn smart—they don’t even know how to swim!”.
  2. A young woman asks her grandmother what kind of man she should spend her life with.
    The older woman says, “My dear, it is important to find a man who cooks for you.
    And it is important to find a man who can earn lots of silver.
    And it is important to find a man who can make wild, passionate love to you all night long.
    But MOST important,” the wise old grandma adds, “it is absolutely essential that these three men never meet.”
  3. A Sacred of Ouranos dies and finds himself at the Gates of Eriensym.
    Ouranos himself appears and asks, “Why should I let thee enter? What good hath thee done?”
    The Sacred says, “Well, once I was in this tavern and I saw a group of Bloodthorn mercenaries drinking and cussing and sinning. I walked up the biggest one, knocked the drink form his hand, slapped him across the face, and told him he needed to do better in his life.”
    Ouranos was impressed. “Very good my son. When did this happen?”
    The Sacred rubs his elbow and said, “Oh, a few minutes ago.”
  4. A young man joins the Knights of the Silver Horn to guard the frontier against the northern barbarians. It’s hard work, but the worst part is there are no women.
    His needs are mounting day by day, so he goes to his commander and asks what he can do about this.
    The commander says, “On the outside of the camp over there, you will see a barrel. When you need to, you can use it. Just stick your cock in one of its holes and all will be good. You can do this any day except Thursday.”
    The young warrior seems confused by this. How can a barrel take care of him? He resists another day, but then he can resist no more.
    He goes to the barrel and does as his commander suggests. And it was great! The barrel took care of his needs almost instantly! It was the best he ever had.
    The next day, he sees the commander. “Thank you, sir! That barrel was amazing!”
    The old officer says, “I’m glad it took care of you. Remember, you can use it any day except Thursday.”
    The young warrior says, “You mentioned that before. Why not on Thursday? What happens on Thursday?”
    The commander replies, “Thursday is *your* turn in the barrel.”
  5. And the number one favorite joke of Deresi is:
    A young noble is showing a girl he desires his powerful warhorse. “His name is Wild Thunder. He runs as fast as the wind and shakes the ground with his might!”
    The girl is thrilled and asks if she could ride with him.
    “Only if you take off all your clothes,” the young noble says with a devious smile.
    The girl is embarrassed, but they are far out in the countryside, so she agrees. She gets completely naked and jumps on the back of the horse. The noble digs in his heels and they’re off! The girl clings to his back! The trees whisk past! It was fantastic! Then suddenly the horse steps in a hole and stumbles. The girl is thrown clear, but the noble and horse roll end over end and stop. The young man is trapped under the poor dead horse. “There is a fisherman who lives just over the hill there! Go and get help!” he cries.
    “But I can’t,” says the girl. “I’m naked!”
    “Take off my boot,” he says, “and cover yourself. And hurry! I’m dying!”
    The girl pulls off his boot and, holding it over her pubes, she runs over the hill. She sees the fisherman by a lake and, still holding the boot between her legs, she runs toward him and cries, “Please help me! My lord is stuck!”
    The fisherman looks at the boot and says, “There’s nothing I can do, ma’am. He’s in too far.”

And, because I love to give an extra bonus when I can, here is Shadyia’s favorite joke:

  • A man escapes from the Bastille where he has been locked up for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for coins and food and clothes and finds a married couple in bed. He orders the man out of bed and ties him to a chair. While tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the pantry.
    While he’s in there, the husband tells his wife: “Listen, this man has obviously escaped from the Bastille. He probably hasn’t been with a woman for years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants you, don’t resist, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. Be strong, honey. I love you.”
    To which his wife responds: “He wasn’t kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he prefers men. He thinks you’re cute and asked me if we had any lard for his cock. I told him it was in the pantry. Be strong honey. I love you too!”

How Shadyia found her Story Teller – T.S. Adrian

How Shadyia found her Story Teller – T.S. Adrian

How Shadyia found her Story Teller – Interview with T.S. Adrian

T.S. Adrian talks to Shadyia

And so it came to be that Shadyia, a traveler, sought someone to tell her story. One night, she was drawn to the ruins of castle Krzyżtopór in Poland. There she did find a person reading a book aloud to the spirits of that tragic place. That person’s name was T.S. Adrian

Could this be the one she sought?

Shadyia: You there, why do you read to these ghosts of this palace?

T.S. Adrian: Someone must tell them the crimes done here were not forgotten.

Shadyia: What do you read them?

T.S. Adrian: This is Poland by James Michener. He dedicated an entire chapter about this castle.

Shadyia: Interesting. You read; do you also write?

T.S: I do. Stories.

Shadyia: What type of stories?

T.S: Heroic fantasy, mostly.

Shadyia: Ah, elves and dwarves and dragons and wizards?

T.S.: Those things can be nice, but are not needed. True heroic fantasy is about taking control of your life through adventure. Of picking up a sword and going where angels fear to tread.

Shadyia: Angels? What are angels?

T.S.: Powerful creatures that men worship as gods.

Shadyia: Ah, now this I understand. But you speak as if picking up a sword and finding adventure were a rare thing. Can you not do this on this world?

T.S.: Not anymore. That’s why people enjoy reading about it.

Shadyia: I see. Well, I come from a world where what you describe is still possible. I have a story to tell, and I am looking for one to write it. Will you be that person?

T.S.: I would be honored, my lady.

Shadyia: Then, let’s begin. It started on a clear night, when the bells of the Silver Rose rang without warning…

Read on!

I’m Shadyia and my Website is Live!

I’m Shadyia and my Website is Live!

I’m Shadyia and my Website is Live!

It’s my absolute pleasure to meet you all; I’m Shadyia, a courtesan at the Silver Rose and this is my story.

I’m the heroine of a book Series called Shadyia Ascendant that you can find on Amazon as Kindle ebooks or paperbacks. My story is one of courage, dedication to my friends and to justice. I am a proud woman and I enter the war Order and Chaos.fight since generations.

I will use this communication medium to share information with you, my fans and keep you updated when new free or paid content becomes available.

My literary parent is T.S. Adrian and I’m living my life through T.S.’s eyes. It’s a generous parent that gives me adventures, love stories, powers and a fun life to live.

Enjoy my stories and please don’t hesitate to start with my free introduction ebook on the main page!


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